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Learn More About Your Future With OutPostUSA

This is the beginning of a exciting journey towards financial security and freedom without many of  the traditional career  constraints.  YOU have the opportunity  to take control of your professional environment and income equation.  Now is the time! 

With OutPost Mail & Copy, we give you the tools to provide  numerous valuable services to a wide customer base - and profit from your efforts in doing so!  This means you will embark an exciting challenge of building a dynamic business from the ground up - with far fewer constraints and limitation of many other business opportunities.

To start, imagine creating your own work domain from the ground up.  We provide you with the freedom to make numerous business and personal decisions about what your business will be to you.  Next, with our guidance, you will then determine the extent of your product and service offerings to provide to your customers ( within a framework of established guidelines).

The uniqueness of OutPost’s franchise offering is built into our SERVICE PYRAMID.  Using this proven structure you can literally tailor our program to fit into your own career strengths into your business.  Yet you can still depend on our expertise to help you get  started and grow with our skillful guidance and on-going  support.

The Benefits of OutPost’s Franchising For New Entrepreneurs

At OutPost Mail & Copy, we provide a complete solution for new franchisees including:

  • Set-up corporate structure and business licensing
  • Site selection and lease negotiation
  • Construction planing and design oversight
  • Interior store fixture selection, design and installation
  • Sign and store display requirements
  • Equipment acquisition and installation
  • Initial operational training program
  • Set-up key supply-vendor accounts
  • Set-up computer network and software solutions
  • Set-up POS system and company bookkeeping
  • Participate in franchise marketing program
  • On-line perational procedures manual - regular updates
  • Company news letter with insightful information
  • On-going telephone hotline support
  • Much More!

Joining OutPostUSA With An Existing Business

If you are the owner of an existing mail & copy center or similar business, you can join the OutPost franchise for a nominal franchise fee or for a periodic flat-rate licensing fee - depending on the complexity of the conversion process and the training and support required for the transition.

By joining an established and branded franchise, you may add value and viability to your existing business.  Moreover, if you are planning on selling your business at some point in the future, the training, support and structure behind the OutPost name may be a valuable selling point.

Please feel free to contact our New Franchise Department for more information.  Make sure you indicated that you are interested in our "Store Conversion Program."

The OutPost Service Pyramid

OutPost's SERVICE PYRAMID is a three-tier formula for categorizing each store's product and service offerings.  (Please note, this illustration is meant to be representative and not all products and services are necessarily included  in this example.)

In Tier-1, all the basic product and services that are recommended for every store are included.  We provide full-support and training to franchisees in these areas. 

In Tier-2, franchisees are allowed the flexibility to add and experiment with additional offerings that fit their market, store location, skill level, competition and other inclinations about their personal business direction.  Many, if not most, of the service offerings in this area are supported and training is provided by OutPost.

Tier-3*, ultimately, allows entrepreneurs the chance to diversify their OutPost business into areas of personal specialization or professional expertise.  This creates a totally independent business environment unlike any other franchise opportunity (that we know of).

GREAT LOCATIONS FOR U.S. & INTERNATIONAL AREA DEVELOPMENT AVAILABLE NOW!  Also seeking franchisees - best areas still available!

Start Building Your Future - Today With OutPostUSA!

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